Unique organo-mineral fertiliser formulation

Australian Bio Fert creates sustainable plant nutrient solutions for the betterment of Australian and global agriculture.

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Our mission

Recycle waste streams efficiently to create products that improve soil health and farm sustainability.

Our purpose

We want to help farmers in their quest to leave Australian agricultural lands in better shape for future generations.

Meet our team

Charlie Walker

Acting CEO (ABF) VP Agronomy & Innovation

Bringing a level of scientific rigour to commercialising a new organ- mineral fertiliser means that farmers will be able to embrace new technology to increase productivity confidently.

Luke Richards


Helping farmers become more sustainable is exciting, not just from an environmental perspective, but financially ensuring they are more productive and profitable over the long term.

Tatiana Rudometova

Legal Counsel

Being a part of the ABF journey and providing IPF expertise and resources to support this start up company means that we can help ABF commercialise and bring new technology and innovation to our customers

Alex Papas

Head of Marketing

Its fantastic to be able to work on a company that is genuinely solving problems of waste streams whilst simultaneously developing ways to improve farmer productivity levels.

Nick Hogan

Head of Engineering

Being at the cutting edge of technology to solve real problems and improve the world is really exciting and rewarding.

Conrad Leeks

Technical Field Agronomist

There is nothing better than helping design a nutrition program for a farmer, and seeing the results in productivity gains and marketable yields. Luckily with ABF we have been in this position a lot through the trial phase!

IPF is seeking leading farmers to partner with to trial the ABF range, demonstrating the productivity benefits of recycled nutrients in conjunction with mineral fertilisers.

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