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Improve Soil Health
& Crop Yields …

Introducing Australian Bio Fert’s
Biological Fertiliser Range

As a farmer, you’re always looking to lower input costs and increase yields, but that shouldn’t come at the cost of soil health. To address this, smart farmers are now turning to biological fertilisers to complement and transition from traditional chemical fertilisers.

Australian Bio Fert (ABF) has developed a series of biological fertiliser formulations to meet this growing demand. Successful independent trials have confirmed ABF will deliver similar nutrient levels to plants as more traditional chemical fertilisers, whilst improving soil structure to enable more sustainable farming practises.


Organic Granule*

A granular blend mainly consisting of poultry material and seabird guano. Superior to blood & bone and other compost based products.


Biological Granule*

A granular blend mainly consisting of poultry material, seabird guano and ammonium sulphate, and is designed as an alternative to traditional chemical fertilisers.


Biological Liquid*

A liquid fertiliser mainly derived from poultry material and organic additives. Superior to many alternative liquid fertilisers.

* The  data contained in the brochure has been drawn from a recent SWEP Analysis of preliminary ABF product and are indicative only. These figures are subject to change once further testing and trials are completed. To request a SWEP Analysis report please contact your Australian Bio Fert representative.

Strong Trial Peformance

Independent trials are confirming that its products will deliver similar nutrient levels to plants as more traditional chemical fertilisers, whilst improving soil structure to enable more sustainable farming practises.

As well as providing Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and Sulphur, the Australian Bio Fert product will have additional trace elements essential to healthy plant growth and soil structure. Australian Bio Fert is producing granular and liquid products, suitable for use in modern broad acre, pasture and horticultural farming practices.


Pasture Trial
Location: Merrijig, Victoria

ABF completed a pasture trial which tested three of ABF’s products against super phosphate, seasol and a control group. The trial showed all ABF products comfortably outperformed alternative products. 


Wheat Trial
Location: Longerenong, Victoria

ABF recently conducted a series of trials at Longeronong College. Tested on dart wheat the base level product compared favourably with chemical fertilisers.

For further information about these trial results and other, call Agronomist Conrad Leeks on 0466 664 026.

Key Product Benefits

Competitive Price

Priced at or below conventional chemical alternatives.

High Efficiency

Offers an effective alternative to chemical fertilisers.

Easy to Apply

Can be applied via conventional methods such as air seeders.

Sustainable Product

Recovers and recycles nutrients from organic materials.

Improves Soil Health

Improves general soil health and encourages geo-sequestration.

Versatile Product

Suitable for broad acre, horticulture, pasture & retail markets.

Reduced Logistics

Manufactured closer to end user markets, reducing freight.

Customisable Blends

Can create custom blends based on specific requirements.

Inquiry and Ordering

ABF are seeking farmers to trial the range of products in 2022.

Our agronomists will assist growers to build an appropriate nutrition program (including complimentary diagnostics via Nutrient Advantage Laboratory) and will seek feedback from growers regarding product handling, application and performance in the field.

Availability is limited.

To express your interest contact Conrad Leeks on +61 466 664 026 or email

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